We've been providing Quality Embroidery,Screen Printing, Varsity Jackets, Apparel, and more Since 1978
We've been providing Quality Embroidery,Screen Printing, Varsity Jackets, Apparel, and more Since 1978

Building Varsity Jackets since 1978

Varsity Jackets can be complicated - We try to make it as simple as possible. Please take a look at the examples below - THEN explore our school jackets ABOVE by School Name - you just might find yours!



Basic and Average Varsity Letterman Jackets Basic and Standard Varsity Letterman Jackets

Varsity Jacket ordering info:

NEW Varsity jackets take 8 weeks to deliver.

The jacket is basically a works in progress,  like the student that wears it.

Add-ons are usually added at the end of the school year and take 2-3 weeks depending on the time of year and the amount added. There is a $ 20.00 minimum charge on all orders.

Starting the process:

Bring your student into be SIZED with their Varsity block and any other patches needed to sew on the jacket. We have all sizes available including shorts and longs to make sure you get the best fit.

We also have plenty of photos/examples of previous jackets done. We will write up the instructions and patches/services needed. Everything but the jacket is made and sewn at Kim’s Kustom.

Payment: Most pay the total amount of the order when placed. A minimum amount must be paid to cover the cost of the BLANK jacket-about 210.00. Should you only place a deposit you will be called when the BLANK jacket arrives from the factory to our shop(about 4 weeks). The balance owed on the order must be paid before the jacket is placed into production.

Once the balance is paid the jacket will be ready in 3 weeks.

We hope this explains the ordering process.

Thank you

Kim’s Kustom Embroidery

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